Uplifting Lives: The Impact of Holy Family's Support

Lydia shares what Holy Family means to her family


5/16/20242 min read

The Importance of Supporting Holy Family

My mom, Jean, raised three children herself after my father died of a sudden heart attack at 44. She was able to keep her home through hard work and determination. In her later years, her family supported her – she was in her home until she was 97! That is when it changed. She fell in her bathroom and was alone. Fortunately she had Victoria Lifeline and the responders were there within minutes – they had to break through the bathroom window to get her out! She had no injuries but, being cautious, they took her to the hospital where they discovered she had COVID.

And that, my friends, begins the journey. Our whole family got COVID and weren’t able to see her. Mom got better and was transferred to Seven Oaks Hospital, but after a lengthy stay, it was determined she would not be returning home and we needed to choose personal care homes. First answer…..Holy Family. My mom’s sister, Nellie, had lived there for four years. We visited Auntie Nellie and got to know the facility and took part in some activities. It was a no-brainer.

My father-in-law, Ed, also recently relocated to Holy Family after a fall. He and his children chose Holy Family because of the Ukrainian culture. He was also fortunate to get placed immediately. When Ed was in first grade, he only spoke Ukrainian and Polish and failed that first year because of language issues. But he went on to do extremely well, completing a Masters of Social Work! Dad is very religious and can go to church regularly at the Home, which is of extreme importance to him.

It is great having my mom and my father-in-law in the same care home.

We appreciate all the staff who make it work at Holy Family. From the front desk who always open the door for me because I can’t remember a code, to the cleaning staff, cooks, recreation staff, medical aids, nurses, physios and physicians, Sisters, priests and volunteers... We are thankful you continue to work and support our loved ones.

Our family is thankful to be part of Holy Family!

-Lydia and Ian, grateful family members