Home of Hope Yarmarok

The girls hosted a Yarmarok to help Ukrainian defenders.


5/6/20241 min read

Your impact spreads far and wide!

Last month, the girls at Home of Hope hosted a Yarmarok - that unique Ukrainian fair we've mentioned in the posts about IHMS! Their mission? To raise funds for Ukrainian defenders on the frontlines. They didn't set out with high expectations, but with Hope and Love, they crafted charming handmade items for sale. Surprisingly, they managed to gather enough funds for not just one, but two drones!

Events like this are what make life at Home of Hope so vibrant. The Sisters want the girls to feel the joy of being part of something bigger, lending a hand where they can, and standing in solidarity with others who also need help.

It's simple things, like Yarmarok, like having a common goal, that bring the girls this precious sense of community and belonging we all need.

It's simple things, like your support, that nurtures the Sisters' common goal: to create and build this community of love and hope.

Thank you!