For paint's sake!

The HFH Auxiliary hosted a special fundraiser to support Paint Night at the Home.


5/24/20241 min read

On May 16, the Holy Family Home Auxiliary hosted a memorable evening filled with creativity, community spirit, and the joy of supporting a meaningful cause. Led by Magda, participants got a taste of why her Paint Nights with loved ones who live at the Home are so wildly popular.

Introduced a year ago, Paint Night with Magda has grown from 14 participants once a month, to averaging 30 loved ones unleashing their creativity twice a month. In fact, earlier in May there were a record 47 residents who joined in the Wednesday-night fun!

Every dollar raised from this event benefits recreation programs like this one at Holy Family Home, providing loved ones who live at the Home access to stimulating and enriching activities that significantly improve their quality of life.

Thank you!